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“Good partner is treasure, not only in business.
Bones are a real treasure!”

Maciej Miąsik, Game Developer – Pixel Crow/Movie Games

“Studio with passion, created
by people with passion.”

Bartek Kalinowski, Ars Thanea/Televisor

“Bones Studio represents top level of professionalism.
I highly recommend!”

Staszek Mąderek, Producer, Director, Performer

“People with great passion for
character animation”

Adrian Chmielarz, The Astonauts

“Bones Studio is always open for challenges
and creative projects!”

Mikolaj Valencia, Ars Thanea/FlowBox

“The guys at Bones are always available
and very helpful.”

Olaf Przybyszewski, VFX Supervisor at 3DE

“Each of our visits to Bones Studio was great
and satisfying”

Radosław Ratusznik/One More Level
Bones Studio motion capture

Bones studio – Motion capture. Complete solutions. Fully Remote.

We are global production studio specialising in full performance capture and all-purpose character animations for AAA games, movie and advertising productions.

As a all in one studio we capture complete character performance: body, face and fingers. Our core expertise is remote motion capture – which is a complete solution covering the entire workflow of character’s animation production from casting, props creation, through performance session to full post-production.

With its 60 Vicon cameras and full performance capture equipment, our volume stage is currently one of the largest in Central Europe.