• – Body tracking & solving
  • – Animation retargeting
  • – Facial tracking & retargeting
  • – Finger tracking
  • – Real-time previsualization (Unreal & Unity)
  • – Motion editing
  • – Layout

We offer full support and expert advice for Game Developers and Filmmakers.

Bones Studio Stage Bones Studio Stage

Virtual Production

We offer creation of virtual character
animated realtime by a real performer
using motion capture technology.

We can deliver cartoon or photorealistic character which
can be live animated during events, theater shows
and music concerts.

Our motion capture wireless virtual camera & previz pipeline offers extraordinary results during (and after) the shooting day.

Virtual Camera Motion Capture Bones Studio
Actor motion capture
Motion Capture Bones Studio Session Motion Capture Bones Studio Session

Motion Capture

  • – Up to 6 actors
  • – 60 Vicon cameras
  • – 12m x 10m x 5m capture volume
  • – 2 Wireless Helmet Mounted Cameras
  • – 2 pair of gloves for finger capture
  • – Audio recording with lavalier microphones
  • – Virtual camera with real time previz
  • – Talent Casting – actors/dancers/stunts
  • – 6 meter high stunt ready infrastructure
  • – In-house props storage (We are able to make custom props or scenography)

We know how tight your schedules can be, so our standard data delivery period is 72 hours.


Data Clean Up

We have a dedicated clean up department.

We can deliver up to 400 seconds a day.

Our data does not require cleaning!