Motion capture

Full performance capture. As an all in one animation studio we capture complete character performance: body, face, fingers and voice. With its 60 Vicon cameras and full performance capture equipment, our volume stage is currently one of the largest in Central Europe.

Capture volume 12m by 10m and 4,5m height.

Game animations

One-stop shop for character’s animations. Since we have under one roof motion capture studio and scalable team of seasoned animators we can deliver from a single animation to complete character’s gameplay animations set. We specialize in motion capture animation but love keyframe as well.

Cutscenes & cinematics

Unbeatable price-quality ratio. Our virtual production pipeline combines mocap infrastructure with custom real-time tools and Unreal which greatly elevates cost effectiveness of our productions without sacrificing quality.

Virtual Camera Motion Capture Bones Studio
Actor motion capture
Motion Capture Bones Studio Session Motion Capture Bones Studio Session