remote mocap

New revolutionary service
prepared specially
for our international projects.

As a result you can remotely organize and direct your motion capture session like never before.

It is a complete service covering the entire workflow of character animation’s production from casting, props creation, through performance session to full post-production.
User interface

How does it work?

  • Casting, props and preparation

    You define a list of takes and what you would like to achieve.
    We create necessary props, set-up 3D environments and link 3D models of your characters for real-time previz.
    Then together we select performers from our catalogue of word-class stuntmen and multilingual actors.
  • Motion Capture session

    Core of this service is a teleconference where you can remotely direct or supervise your actors on motion capture session.
    Our custom-made interface includes views from three live cameras among which one is fully controllably remotely. On top of that within the interface we provide a virtual preview camera via Unreal or MotionBuilder.
    To ensure effective communication there is a two way audio system that gives you clean and direct connection to actors and crew in the studio.
  • Data and post-services

    You have instant access to the captured data immediately uploaded to the cloud after each take so you can check it immediately on your side.
    Our inhouse animator team supervises projects on each stage of production to ensure that you will get top notch character animation. We can assist you even further with motion editing and layout to help you meet your deadlines keeping the quality level you like.