At BONES STUDIO in the Previs Department, we specialize in Visualization and Virtual Production across various media including feature films, game cinematics, television series, and commercials.
Utilizing a high-capacity motion capture studio, we bring unparalleled realism to your project, accommodating up to 5 actors in full-performance capture.

BONES Previs covers all critical stages of project visualization—from CASTING, through MOCAP SESSION, to ANIMATION.

Each phase is essential for keeping your production on track, both in terms of deadlines and budget.

Our experienced team of 15 Character Animators supervised by Olaf, ensures the highest quality visuals that adhere to the script and directorial vision. We also offer Art Director support to maintain the desired mood and atmosphere, established in the early project stages.

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Olaf Przybyszewski

Olaf Przybyszewski

Head of Previs Department