ML engineer


Bones is a fully equipped production studio specializing in motion capture and all-purpose character animation. As one of the biggest performance capture studios in Europe we work on many AAA games (we co-produce most of the Polish big titles!) and various cinematic productions.

Job description

You will be a member of a top-notch team consisting of AI developers, 3D artists and animators dedicated to changing the way 3D animation for games and for the film industry are created. You will take part in the creation of the biggest motion capture database in the world to teach computers how people behave in various situations and how to generate and alter their movement.
Your day-to-day duties will include:

  • Developing in-house AI-based software for 3D animation editing as a member of AI team
  • Building data and model pipelines
  • Working with and processing large motion capture dataset to gain deep understanding of human motion
  • Research and implement best practices to improve the existing machine learning infrastructure
  • Research and implement new techniques for human 3D motion understanding and  synthesis
  • Communicate with people of different domains and explain complex processes to people who are not programming experts


  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills
  • Experience in Deep Learning
  • Knowledge of PyTorch and/or Tensorflow, Numpy, Jupyter
  • Strong programming skills – ML Engineering
  • Knowledge of good ML practices
  • Good grasp of infrastructure (servers, Linux, GPUs, networking, cloud)
  • Experience in Transformers and seq-to-seq ML models is a plus
  • Knowledge of 3D programming, animations and human motion is a plus

We offer

  • Work with a team passionate about AAA games and films!
  • Studio and a workshop full of cutting-edge technology
  • Attractive salary based on experience and skills
  • Flexible working hours
  • Participation in conferences and game industry events
  • Private medical care
  • Excellent coffee

Please drop us a line if you think you are a perfect fit for this position: [email protected]